Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Let the good times roll

Nina's farewell/potluck dinner,
I can't believe i've not hung out with Vonn and the others for almost a year. Mygosh, i've not laughed so hard with anyone else besides my family in the longest time! <3

So um, i got to Vonn's at like 7 something, straight after combat. Showered and then examined her book shelf cause she has like, so many interesting stuffs. :D Yeah, after that i went downstairs and joined the rest. And i had a weird crammy feeling in my tum, damnit. Hence the reason why i didn't eat much. But i so love you for buying the sushi, vonn. Oh the love.

After that, we practically spent the night playing this card-dare game thing. HAHA Y'ALL CAN'T TOUCH ME MIEN! I was CLEAN the whole night, meaning i didn't have to do some crappy thing like lick a person's foot or pole dance, ahahah. When i got the JQK's, they only chose numbers. When I got numbers, they chose the JQK's. Aww, dam sad you's. The 'luck' was not in the tripod, yo. It was ME ha ha ha. :) And thanks to Nina, i now know that there's actually a place called Boise in Idaho. it actually sounds kinda cool (boy-see), i may name my son that next time--Boise Chong. lolwth.

Again, we hardly had any picture-taking sessions. Why laaah? D:

Megs, Soph.

Oh and Vonn had this weird THING that's supposed to help you.. umm.. grow taller? I've no idea how it works, it just made me heels ache. Maybe i grew like, hmm, 1mm taller...


Looks like i'm enjoying the hols.
and i don't even have hols, HA. thank God for awesome parents.

& yess, i hope it rains again tomorrow :)

Christina Aguilera's Walk Away
Daniel Bedingfield's If You're Not The One

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