Thursday, August 7, 2008

One of my everything :)

Oh, look at the time. it's gone 12.30am. And so it's the 7th. So this midnight post is dedicated to one of my everything. The person who's always been there. The only person who KNOWS. The person who disciplines me and teaches me daily just cause she loves me so. The person who guides and protects me always. The person whom I know I can trust and depend on 100%. The very same person whom I love very very much.

And that person gave me life.

Omma, saengil chukha hamnida! Have a merry birthday and saranghaeyo! :)

I quote Jess, "Mums are like boyfriends. Sometimes they rock, sometimes they suck -- except mums don't break up with you. Neither do they say 'i love you' and don't mean it. You know they always mean it."

Okay, i don't denote literal meaning when i say 'mums suck sometimes', but you get the picture. And I kinda like the odd combination; It's a simple yet memorable metaphor. But anyways, relationships aren't always dandy and they sure do go rough often, but i'm glad i still have you, 'mee! Nobody can ever replace you, EVER. You. Are. AWEESOOOOOME. :)

I love you. Always.

PS: My mum liked my card. She said, I have finally put my creative skills to use. Nyeknyek.
PPS: I have officially been made a 'joke of today' by my dad. -__-
PPPS: I finally know what "P.S." truly stands for now. Haha!

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