Wednesday, August 6, 2008 you see red spots?

Hibernate hibernate, snortscoughs. I can't imagine being insomniac. I've not been sleeping well for the past, hum, 3 days? No idea why and i can't take it anymore. Whatever it is, i just feel awake in the night and sleepy in the day. I hope i'm not morphing....... into an owl perhaps. Hence, i cancelled today's hiphop class. Thank goodness i did cause i think i woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morn thus dragging on a 'cloak of emoness' upon thyself. Thankfully, iEmo for very short while wan cause iHappy most of the time :D
Oh, and i feel the intense lazy-slash-procrastinator attitude creeping back. -__- Why. No really, why me.

Anywhoos, i sacrificed some of today's studying hours (which wasn't hard to do btw, HEHE) to make a birthday card. I think it's been like what, 2 years since I last made a proper one? Yeah, couldn't be bothered cause it's so time-consuming, y'know, with all the papers, and cutting, and sticking, and writing, and not to mention, the DESIGN. Most important part, d'oh. Especially since i'm a perfectionist and if one thing's out then all of it must be redone. Mhm.


inside, left. extra writing space.
credits to amateurcardmaker. i so love your ideas.

Tadaa, my puhretty card. For a special someone tomorrow ;) It's not much but i'm hoping it'll be appreciated! My creativity level has dropped a bit... i think. I've definitely lost the drawing mojo though D:

Sora from KH1 and 2.

Red XIII from FFVII.

My two last drawings before i 'quitted'. And no, i did not trace ~_~ Tracing is for noobs, no offence. I just came. And saw. And conquered. *bigsmile*

Alright, i'm getting a bit dizzy 'ere. Cheers. :)

The Rembrandts's I'll Be There
Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back

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