Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I've got a piece of paper, but it's empty.

Raise your right hand if you're in between the ages 16 to 18.

Raise your left hand if you like someone or have a crush.

Raise your right foot if you think you're a young adolescent who's having difficulty distinguishing your feelings if it's true or false and you sense that this is really going nowhere and you're back to square one, ERGO, you wake up looking like some lovesick drooling puppy and end up going to sleep wanting to kick yourself for having this somewhat juvenile infatuation, which of course, leads to bad hair days and awful tantrums.

Now raise your left foot if you think you look like an idiot with both your hands and right foot raised in front of the computer.

Yeahuh, that's what i thought.

Quantum of Solace. New Bond movie.
Same James Bond.
Different inamorata/girlfriend.
*slaps forehead*

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