Monday, August 4, 2008

Got me hypnotized, so mesmerized

Hey ya'll. Guess who recently walked out of Z-100 studios in NYC one morning with an awfully happy grin plastered all over his face?

Yup, he finally debuted his first single 'Crush'. It's not bad really. It has quite a catchy tune and pretty good for a first single. I guess it's just one of those songs where you either love it or leave it. As for me, i like it :) The melody, rhythm and lyrics. It all suits me just fine.

Have a listen:

I think i could listen to it over and over again *beams*
If you want the high quality version, just let me know la yah? I'll send it to you via MSN or email. OR you could look for it yourself. :D Whatever it is, i suggest you don't download on Limewire/MP3 Rocket/etcblahyader.. the quality sucks arse.

David Archuleta's Crush
Chris Brown's Wall To Wall

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