Monday, August 4, 2008

It's impossible for me not to care :)

Note to self: 'Gutentag' is hello... not an exclamation. *slaps forehead*

i just came back from my cousin's bday dinner. 23rd, i think. It was good fun.. got to see all the cousins again. Not like i have many on that side anyways, only 5 of 'em. We had a major joke-telling session throughout dinner (at our own table of course) and then it was Taboo for the rest of the night. man, i can't even remember the last time i played that. damn funny lor. Somemore we couldn't 'simply' say anything cause my younger cousins were there (10 and 13).

Cousin: Ok ok. Your parents DO IT wan. I mean, they DID IT before.
Everyone: *shyshy* Err, uh... umm...
Cousin: Times up. It's 'honeymoon' la, what you all thinking?

Oops :P

Anywhoos, i tiada mood to blog leh.
I still want my tortillas btw. :)
So, another time then. Goodnight, peoples.

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