Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sixteen, I Am.


I am finally sixteen. And a year closer to driving. :D

And guess what? Not only have i grown older in age... I literally grew taller physically too! OMGOMGSOHAPPYSOHIGHLALALALA. I only just noticed it the other day, while my sis was talking to me, why my shoulder was like, higher than hers. And my head as well. So i asked her to step closer and then.... and then.....

I almost shouted in her face.


So yes, i am finally the tallest Soph. YAY! :D :D

Anyways, last night, at like 1130pm, i was chatting with my beloved darlings, Row and Roberts. While i did that, i camwhored. Cause y'know, i was waiting for it to turn 12am. hehehe.

Btw, Row was the first to wish me. Cause it was already the next morning there in Australia. So awesome right? I was so hyped cause I realized that it was like talking to the future. She's already in tomorrow and i'm still in today. Geddit? LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE HEE HEE.

When it did turn 12am, my pa and sis came into my room with a mini cake from Choco Lounge. My pa kept trying to annoy me by singing a super slow version of Happy Birthday (eh, he even blocked me from blowing the candle ok). Thrice. -___-" Oh, and I didn't get to snap a pic of the cake cause after my mum came home and we er, had a deja vu moment (my dad sang. again.), i immediately ate the cake right after. No hesitation. Mmmmmm ~

Then this morning, i woke up only to find a present from my sis at my doorway.

Woohooo, special delivery!

OMG, i love you.

So now, i have to quickly get ready for the lunch!
and I still have no idea what to wear T_T

PS: Thank you for the midnight wishes! <3

Kelly Clarkson's The Trouble With Love Is
Kanye West's Flashing Lights

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