Saturday, August 30, 2008

Simple and sweet

So, my b'day lunch earlier was actually the first time i planned something for my own birthday. Believe it or not, i've never had a party before, with friends and games and all that. No, i'm not a deprived child :P The only other time i did get to celebrate with my pals was two years ago, when my sis planned a surprise dinner for me.

Like my title says, i kept it simple and had a buffet lunch at Halia Restaurant with them grcians. Not fantastic food, but it was good enough, the ambiance was puhretty awesome, and i was happyyy. Oh, and they gave me a free cake too. :)

The only thing that sucks is, my bday is merdeka eve and the next day is merdeka, so a lot of other ppl not free to celebrate with mee D: Booo.

Just a few pics;

Bee Ang.


Ahtebas & Chanelley (fo felly)

My parents joined for cake :)

Our model for the day.

Roberts & Kelvin hugged so we uh, copied them?

I don't know what we are Chanelle's doing.

Chanelle & Yen, our friendly neighborhood photographer.


Will post more when i get 'em from Chanelle and Yen. A whole lot of the pics from my cam were kinda crappy so yeah. :/ Btw guys, thanks so much for coming! And for ze lovely presents too. Kamsahamnida!

Anyways, i'm feeling drained out and tired soo, i'm gonna go.
Happy Merdeka y'all. Enjoy the midnight fireworks yah?

Bai bai. :)

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