Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Merdeka, my foot.

If the committee formed a mob, I wanna join them.

So that we could um,

burn down the bu1 management office
& sue the developers.

My 6 Magnums are wasted. Melted. And Soph doesn't like that. Do they even know much much one friggin Magnum costs? I'd take my melted icecream and pour it down the dude's pants to freeze his ass off.


So, what happened?

Well, as you all SHOULD know, yesterday was Merdeka. And y'know, on Merdeka, usually you just chill at home, go out a little, etc. Mostly spend time with family and relax la hor? But nooo, we didn't get to chillz at home. See, my pa dropped me and my sis off at home after church, which was around 1130am and then he went to office. So then, we came back only to realize that there was no electricity. Okla, we thought it's like, a power trip or some techy-difficulty thing.

Then at like, 1 something, still no electricity. My sis was sleeping and i was TRYING to sleep cause i couldn't sleep properly the night before. It was so friggin hot, why didn't it rain yesterday?? D: So i couldn't sleep, partly cause i was pretty restless, and due to this "frustration", i got an awful headache. At 4 something-ish, my parents finally came home and me and my sis were stressing then. The guards said the electricity would come back on at 5. So, we decided to go shower at the gym. (In times of great need and oily hair disasters, the gym comes to the rescue.)

Showered, walked around a bit, then we had my b'day dinner at Chillis. FAJITAS QUESADILLAS, YAY. :)

Na, Ra.

Triple Play.

Mum and sis enjoying themselves.

Anyways, we got back at 8, and guess what? STILL no electricity. And not only our block, the WHOLE condo tiada, from block A to D. That's not the only thing. We found out that it was no power trip. The "big boss" allowed the developers to shut down our electricity for one whole crappin' day, without letting everyone know beforehand, just to set up some cables for the new condo. WTH?! Instead of improving our own condo, they just keep workin on the new one. They even screwed up the roads going both ways (to 1u and the one going out to the school, centre point, etc). It's like, trying to travel through rocky, uneven roads full of holes.

And ALL MY ICECREAM MELTED, STUPID. Not just my Magnums ok.

So yeah, basically, everyone living here is pissed.

Back to last night, the guards said it'd come back at 9. So, we waited.. OH OH, guess what? We only had one torchlight and didn't have enough candles, so since my laptop was fully charged, i decided to try something. I took my two webcams, plugged it in and....


Hahaha, i felt so brilliant yarr! Trust me, it was brighter than that. And it's white light somemore, don't playplay. Oh, after that, i put my laptop on standby and homg, it still worked!

Writing in diary. I was bored, lah.

At 0940pm, the electricity still didn't come on and the small committee (they gathered outside the guardhouse and uh, complained.) dispersed already, so we couldn't join 'em. We wanted to form a mob cause, y'know, that's like my aspiration. To join a big, flaming mob consisting of angry, pissed off bu1 residents. Ha ha.

We didn't have anything to do, so we decided to go to 1u to catch a movie. Only Wall-E was available so Wall-E it was. Almost fell asleep in the cinema though D: Finally, we got back at 1230ish, and THANK GOD, the electricity came back on.

Mhm, that was my.... Merdeka.

But now, i have no room for anger in my very much fragile, sentimental heart.... Because my dl rates are sky high, going up all the way to 60kbps on Azureus. Aaaahhhh, joy!

Fountains of Wayne's That Thing You Do
Jack Johnson's Better Together
John William's The Chairman's Waltz

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