Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Doubley troubley :D


I wanted to upload more photos, including the ones of the bday notes to yen, but.. but.... my laptop died on me D: I mean, it just died, litereally. It was working, i was uploading, then it shut off by itself. So then I tried turning it on again, well.. it turns on but nothing happens. It's like, on but it doesn't run? WHATDAMOTHERFATHERSISTERBROTHER?

That evil piece of toooooot. >:(

Anywhos, i have a few here, so uh, tada.

lol @ Row prz :D

Row: raaaahhh! raaaahhh! *flails arms*

Baking wedding cake in laundry room omg.

Oh, yes. Our baby. Our yolk man-to-be. Our eggchild.

Terrence Wyatt Chong yay.



Sigh, more another day. I really hope that my laptop will 'awaken' soon. Or else i'll lose all my Australia pics. NO, i tell you. A lot of them were really pretty ): Oh oh, there's still one more thing.

A jolly 16th to you, Wee Yennie! :)

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