Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sudah meninggal dunia omg :(

My laptop still fails me. Please, allow me to cry myself a river. I miss that ol' piece of crap. I mean, i guess i don't lose thaaat much cause i backed up most of my stuff, but then my Australian photos. My SHINee downloads. Oh, my weak fragile heart cannot take this. D:

Anyways, i've been missing people here. Roberts! :( C'mon la, why are you guys never online? Okay fine, mostly on my part cause my screwed up comp is lying.. in the nonexistent ashes... Btw, daylight savings start next week, so i'll be 3 hours apart. Can you believe that. I'll be waking up earlier, eating earlier, peeing earlier, watching movies earlier (well... not necessarily..), sleeping earlier. Egads. Time is already moving fast enough, why la torture me somemore?

and what the heck? who's trying to mess with my sister's garden?
bring it on, fatty.

So, basically, there won't be any pictures up here for a while till O Broken One gets 'unbrokened'. I am missing using the internet freely, at my own WILL. guh. Especially since the speed limit for the internet's off now. New month! New speeds! But no laptop, dangflammit. This is where i wish my broinlaw has a PS3 or WII hidden somewhere in this quiet house, so that i could laze my ass off and play all day and not do HISTORY. Or face the deadly boring face of MATH. Or sink into my own imaginary pool of loneliness. T_T

Oh yeah, since I always have to watch Sesame Street/Elmo's World with my niece here, i've been getting very much addicted to it. Childhood memories, awaken! I love the songs. I love the funnyisms. I really think they should recruit me to live there. Soph, the new kid on Sesame Street! Play and learn at the same time! My freakin gosh, best thing a teenage girl could ever have.

Oh and yes, I got to catch up with a number of movies in the past 2 and a half weeks. My reviews, so you don't have to read on if you don't want to. :D

Chuck Season 1 - One of the best ongoing series EVAH! No sex scenes, no coarse language except the occasional "what the hell" but y'know, that's how they go. Excessive humor to tickle your funny bone, awesome characters like Morgan, Chuck's game-addicted, hobo-look-alike, can't-seem-to-shut-up bestfriend and Captain Awesome (need i say more?), great storyline. I'm offically hooked :D. 10/10.

The Happening - Ah, quite alright. I guess it's quite a concept; a good idea of a storyline. But the ending was crap. It doesn't really explain much, cause it CAN'T. And it's 'too good to be true'. 6/10.

Cloverfield - The beginning was too draggy, but way better than The Happening. I find the main idea to be kinda... unbelievable. I mean, how can a video camera last that long? Without any scratches, dirt, whatsoever? But, it's different, i guess. 8/10.

Taken - I loved this. An ex-spy dad who relies on his old skills and risks his life (though, he knows quite well that he won't die anyway) to save his idiotic daughter. He kills with no hesitation. And he used my dad's 'defense technique' 3 times in the movie. Awesome. 9/10.

Drillbit Taylor - A for-fun movie, definitely. Pretty much crack, but we're all just-for-laughs anyway, right? 7/10.

August Rush - I know why people love this. The story, the music, the inspiration; it's all there. But for me, I found a few fake moments in it. It was very good, nonetheless, and I loved his piece, August's Rhapsody :). 8/10.

Oklahoma! - Old cowboy musical. I've no idea about you guys, cause i don't know anyone else who likes old musicals like i do, but heck, it was awesome. 9/10.

The Jane Austen Book Club - As usual, a group of women--and one man--come together to form this book club and also, face the various dramatic phases of their lives together. Failed marriages, love, er, gaynesses. 8/10.

Evan Almighty - Errrr, Bruce Almighty was better, enough said.

Spiderwick - Kinda interesting, weird, but eh, okay lah. 7/10.

Martian Child - I've wanted to watch this for a while and i'm glad I did! It might be pretty dull for some people, but i found it very touching and intriguing. 9/10.

Eh, I can't remember the others. Oh, got Dan In Real Life, but my mom was so annoyed by it that I switched to something else halfway :P She was like, "He scold the daughter that she cannot fall in love in 3 days and he falls in love in one afternoon. Silly man." Ah, well. My mom has good sense and taste, what to do? heehee :D

Besides ALL of that and on a completely insignificant note, i spotted a really hot guy with really hot hair (not like that's rare here) yesterday, at the Caribbean Market. Row, you'd definitely love him. For his hair. I'm such a good friend--and husband (i just realized what i violated with my own eyes lol)--doncha think?

Anywhos, I gotta get back to my history notes. Oh the joy.

Neyo's Closer
One Republic's Say All I Need
Hillsongs United's Saviour King

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