Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I dyed today. :D

I'mma VHA, yaw!

So, my mum took me to this L'oreal class thing to highlight my hair for free. She and her friend have been going there for the "dye-grey-hairs" classes. Basically, it's a class/workshop thing for hairstylists to attend and learn about highlighting people's hair with the proper techniques and stuff with the L'oreal hairdye. Aaand, obviously, a class needs 'models', and that's where we sexy people come in :D

Not just anybody can go for it though. Have to book and etc, but my mum's friend has her 'connections'. Aweshum yar? I think there were about 10 of us. All the others were aunties though. I was the only young, sweet, innocent adolescent there. HEH :)

It was interesting to watch them. They had to draw these chart things that i can't even understand what the heck kind of LANGUAGE these hairstylists speak, but it was still interesting nonetheless. My chart was labeled V. H. A. -- Virgin Hair Application.

Cool. I'm my hairs are virgins too.


I'm waaaitingg ~

It was such a lengthy process lah. I had to wait for the woman to fill up some book thing, then draw her chart, then mix the dye, then get the cloth and everything else ready... after she dyed once, i had to wait for sometime, then she had to dye it again, then wait somemore. Omg, i wanted to pee ok. D:

Finally, after wash & dry, we WERE DONE! But then, i had to wait. Again. For the rest of 'em to finish so that the teacher could evaluate and stuff. THAT was pretty uncomfortable though. Cause the hairstylists were mostly guys and they occupied the first row of seats, so when it was my "woman's" turn for evaluation, i had to sit in front and face them. thank God that He blessed them with goodlooks so that, DEFINITELY, made it easier :D


Ignore the bunny thing :P

NICE? I like it! It looks really natural, so, kudos to my hairstylist, Susan. :)

Have I mentioned how much I just loooove free stuff?

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