Sunday, September 7, 2008

My PiggieSide :)

Umm, screw hormones - I hate my face/skin - dance prac was goood - my legs feel like jell-o - i eat too much BK - phone plastic cover cracked for the 1241.6409179895th time - Djokovic won Roddick in quart. finals US Open - tomorrow, i may have pajama party at Meg's, who knows?
& I tried to snap a pic of Lee but it ran away from me T_T

I visited school on Friday. It was weird. Too many things happened in that building since '05. But i do miss the good ol' times. Now there are so many new students and the younger ones are takin over. Haha, i sound like some grandma. It was nice catching up with Roberts, Ms Cath, and Kelvin though. And i kinda miss doing AOP too.

Now there's that whole pressure with the O lvl papers and all, especially since I already failed my first OFFICIAL exam. Yesh, still bummed about that, but meh.. i stopped gov. school at 9, and my bm tutor lost hope in me in my homeschooling years, then i had to cram everything in 3 months for the paper. So uh, not that bad huh? :/

I just want to go to college already. D:

Oh oh, on a lighter note, guess what's in my hand?

My pa's new 'toy'.

And he allowed me to take it to Aust with me this Saturday. Syoks! Now all i have to do is guard it with my life. Easy peasy? I'm still playing around with it, learning how to use it better. I feel like a noob :D

So, for fun, i went and took pics of all my precious piggys. Ready yourself. I bombard you with my excessive, OBSESSIVE, retardsive? love for PIGGYs. :)

FIRST piggy -- had since i was 9/10. It's been with me through thick and thin, through tears and joy, through secret smiles and mignight phone conversations... Oh, and it's Australian.

Long piggy.

Round piggy.

Square piggy.

Jojo piggy.

Sit-down piggy.

Fluffy piggy.

Solar-powered piggy.

Pez piggy.

Stationery-holder piggy.

Tisubox piggy.

And last, but definitely not least,

Pig-on-a-pillow piggy.

I have a few more but they're in a boxes and stuff. (Oh, and i forgot my pencil-case piggy.) Why do i love pigs? Heck, i don't really know either. I just love 'em :) I even stopped eating pork. hahaha. Sounds crazy i know, but my parents don't mind... though, i still eat it at 3JC. Don't ask why. But i absolutely do not eat piglets.

It all started when i was about 9-going-on-10. I was in Australia and in this mall, they had a mini feeding zoo thing. So i went in and i started feeding sheep, goats, etc. Then suddenly, this small creature came, hesitantly, to me. It was so round and black and awfully cute, how can I resist? So i reached out and it ate the food from my hand. The minute it's little snout touched my hand, i knew it was sheer fate that brought us together! For me to love it and cherish it!

So i grabbed it and ran home.


I wish I did that.

Just 9 more months of hardcore studying.
You can do iiittttt!

SHINee's In My Room
Shawn McDonald's Gravity
Sara Bareilles's Love Song

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