Monday, September 8, 2008

"Don't take my dad's nuts prz, he'll kill you"


Ok so like, shortly after i finished blogging (and eating), i pulled my laptop closer to me. Obviously, i dragged it, but i was wondering why on earth it was kinda rough, like as if something under my laptop was scratching it. So i lifted my laptop and i found the most shocking thing ever....


HOW CAN I NOT HAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE?! IT'S A DEAD LIZARD, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S GOOD IN THIS WORLD. I mean, D'UH, i've lifted up my laptop before, countless times to sit on my bed. I've never noticed a flattened dead lizard on my table before. It just suddenly.... appeared. And it was stuck onto my table so i had to scrape it. Yes, ew. But thing is, i don't know whether it's Lee or some other lizard T_T I've not seen Lee for a few days already though.

If it's Lee...

Try to RIP, dude.

I am so loving my pa's slr right now. I feel kinda bad for taking it everywhere with me though, cause it's not mine and all. But sorry la, i like acting photographer, can? :P So yesterday was like, the 'cam's day out'. It went to church, to Uptown, to Bu7, to 1u, and back home again. Eeyayyy.

and sheeesh, Blogger should make their posting box wider. It's so annoyingly small ~_~


Ruined lalaness.

Aaaand it's back again. Cheezu! I like my blouse, but i hate my room's yellow light.

Nursery class,

I should give up taking pics with kids. I look awful. D:

Joel, the little cutie.

Ian, the big helper.

Leia, whom i always SOMEHOW call "Maya" by mistake.

London bridge.

The two lil ladies.

1st service kids. :)

@ Meg's house,

I went to her's at 2 somethings and then we just did the usuals: talk, laugh, love. Our SPPP (Sexy Pajama Party Planning?) is still in progress, yar. At 5, we headed off to 1u WHERE VONN SPILLED MY JUICE OMG. They were trying to imitate some couple on the escalator la haha. Damn funny, but then this Vonn suddenly swung her hand behind and down my juice came tumbling. You should've seen my face... it was literally like,


And you know how hard is that to do? I mean, my eyes are so freaking small. (Even the optical shop lady told me to open in wider -__- roar.) But it's okay, y'know, i didn't ultraman-ninjaturtlebbq her. Plus, only the bottom part of my WHITE-WHITE pants kena the juice. One patch only lah. I'm such a forgiving friend hor? Hee hee. Anyways, craploads of pics ahead. Not much words are needed... many nonsense and unglam photos. Because we roll like that :D

I like this tree sticker layout in her room.
She got dam a lot of time to stick one-by-one. :P

Eh, Vonn looks really nice here. So the, like the, kawaii?

Not kawaii anymore. ahahahah.

I just realized we're all wearing black.

And my two personal favorites:


Vonn: "Huhu! I beleef i can flai lo! *does 24.7 degrees air-split*"



Just what we do in art shops.

& a few more from my b'day,


Aww, i look so 'spasticly' happy :)

Credits to: limweeyen.

That'd be all for now. `Ta.

Boyz II Men's I Will Get There
Brian McKnight's Never Felt This Way
Building 429's No One Else Knows

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