Thursday, September 11, 2008

Adidas Women Yoga Day

Instructor: Now, inhale and slowly exhale. And as you exhale, let all your hatred and anger towards someone or something, slowly release from your body. Let all the pain that has built up in your body drift away. And relaaax ~

Soph: *turns to Adam* Y'know, you should join combat. They teach you to take your anger, and KILL PEOPLE. :D

So, yesterday was our special Adidas sponsored hiphop class at this event at the Gardens. Some yoga day thing. So the first class was hiphop and then yoga. We got there at about 5 somethings and then we had to try our clothes (which we got to keep. not that fascinating, but i'll show you what i got, in a sec!), etc. After that, we had to wait around with all those 'local celebrities' (Amber Chia, Miss Msia 07, Jien, etc) for the uh, mini buffet to start. Wasn't that great la, but when you're hungry, ANYTHING is good food.

The class started at 9. I think it was a big mistake to stuff myself with all the food (tarts, curry puffs, satay, beef.. mmm...) cause i felt it coming up while i was dancing. Hahah, thank GOD none of it came out.

The stage. Sorry, but i couldn't help laughing throughout the whole class.. damn funny lor. With all the "serenity" and "tranquillity" and whatnot... I think she could be one of those 'motivational speakers'.

"Come on, ladies, you can do it! You command your body, you must be at peace with your body, because YOU, ARE, THE, BODY!"


The whole auditorium.

I do have a video of our performance but, HEH, i'm not gonna show it :) And i'm too lazy to upload it anywhere so yeah. Maybe some other time then.

L-R: Yew, Gillian, Soph, Adam.

Jon and Adam joined yoga. puahahahaha.

They were trying to find the peace within. *bows*

Oh oh yes! I get to keep the Adidas hoodie! HOMG?! And I almost bought it like 2 months ago, but no size. And now... now i get it for free. WHEEEEEEEE FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! :D Well, i did get shoes and pants but um... the pants is so tight, it makes me feel gay :/ Anyone want free shoes? free gym trial? cookie?

3 stripes, babey. Of course, i take more piccy with it la. :B

Oh oh OH! My cousins adopted two little puppies. They're the cutest things ever, i wanna cry. I want a puppy toooo... no wait, i want a sugar glider! Oh OH, A PIGLET! Ho yeah!

Hoshi and Tiffany.

Ohsheeets, i gotta go pack!
& yes, i'm still wondering where the heck my post borders ran to.

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Rachel said...

Those pups are adorable! I wanna puppy too!!!!!