Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Erm, miss ah, can I punch you?"

I need to rant, ok. *breathes vigorously*

To start with, I have a friggin headache. How did I get this headache? Well, it's thanks to this LADY. This LADY at the gym. See, i was rushing for class cause i was late right. So i opened my lock, bent down, wore my cap, etc. Then the LA-DY came, and without telling me, she opened her locker which is directly above mine. And the smart LA-DY didn't close the door. She left it open. So i didn't know and up came my head at full force.

Well, you can guess what happened. Let's just say, my head met the door so hard that the 'BANG' sound could be heard in the whole changing room and toilet.

And she just stared at me. All the other 'LA-DIES' stared at me as well. Like as if it's the most amazing thing they've ever seen in their half-lived lives.

"Omg, guess what I saw today? A girl banged her head so hard on the edge of the locker door! It was so amazing, my mouth was gaping open, and i swear, i almost asked her to do it again so i could record it and tell everyone else that it was the most fascinating thing i've ever seen! Like, totally cool right?!"


So, my head was like, throbbing pain and it still aches right now.

Oh yeah, it didn't end there. The gym towel girl lost my card, as in, she gave it to someone else 'by accident'. And i'm cool with it.


She gave it to a GUY. Okay. A man, a MALE. Firstly, he's stupid cause she read my name out loud (that's what they do) and he took the card. It's like, he was struck with sudden amnesia and he couldn't remember his name, so he guessed he owned a girl's name and thought that that's actually okay. Secondly, she's stupid cause she read MY name out loud and gave MY card to a guy.

What the?

That's not a mistake okay. That's a freaking dumbass mistake. And you know what? She didn't even say sorry. She just told me that she gave my card to another person and then simply brushed me aside and continued smiling with some other personal trainer. She was smiling. They were both smiling. Like retards.

She didn't even try to call the guy. She even try to do ANYTHING. She just stood there.

After that, i went for dinner with my parents and then my dad followed me to the downstairs counter. So my dad's all fierce right, he told the guy that he was gonna report it to the manager upstairs. The guy gets kinda scared and he said that he'd kena cause he's in charge and stuff. So he went to print me another card. And it's UGLY.

My original card used to be the epitome of perfection. Now... now it looks like some hobo pooped it out. No offence to you hobos alright.. it's just an illustration. You guys, uhhh.. you guys rock. Hard.

So yes, i officially, truly, immensely dislike the towel counter people. As of now. Because of them, now some dude has my beautiful original card (that he can't use of course). And by the way, YOU'RE ALL NOT FRIENDLY. So you can take that useless "needs to have a friendly personality, or a pleasant & welcoming face" out of your job requirements.



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Rachel said...

Gosh this is terrible! I hope ur head is better. Thats the typical Malaysian service. -_-'

I've definately seen better customer service.