Friday, September 12, 2008

Ready, set, banzaaaaaii!!

Yay, i'm almost done packing. Now gotta pack my laptop bag and all. My luggage is only heavy cause of my niece's baby books -__- And after i was done packing my clothes, i wanted to stuff my good ol' Piglet in... but.....

"Oh, well uh, I'm sorry Piggy dear, but I won't be taking you this year :("

"...your head is too big.

And my mummy thinks you're dirty."

So yeah, that's basically how it goes.
Anyways, i'm gonna go high on some SHINee crack now.

Sanso gateun nuh ~

No audiofood today. I'm on McDee food.


Rachel said...

Hahaha....this is one of my fav posts on ur blog. Hilarious!

Soph, I Am said...

lol, it took me a really long time to set my piglet in that "crying" position :P