Thursday, October 23, 2008

Marysville vaca :D

I can't blog to save my life, and i've gotten a bit sick of it, though, I don't dare delete this. Sad thing.

Anyways, guten tag! Good news: I finally got a laptop, thank God! *marching band parade* It was the cheapest, 439 AUD. Lovely. Plus, now I have Windows Vista, eventhough I never liked it, but heck, it looks pretty anyway ;) So, I can finally give a proper photo-filled post on my 3-day vaca at Marysville. Well... on second thought, maybe tomorrow. Too freaking butt-lazy to upload all now.

So just a few...

Of the Stevenson waterfall

Of cuckatoos (coming soon) and rosellas

Of Bruno's awesome random sculptures.

So, yeah, more tomorrow. Oh, and did I mention? I got an autographed shirt from Wade Robson, booyeah! Thanks a truckloads to my sis. :)


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The Veronicas's This Love

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