Friday, October 24, 2008

How alive dead people may seem

OKAY, more today. Oh, and hi Vonn. :D Hahaha.

Meh, i'm not doing a lot of work today, sue me (psychhh). Mostly cause I didn't have my own laptop for like the past 3 weeks, so yes, 'am indulging myself now. The whole 3 weeks of missed blog-hopping, downloading, stuff-close-to-nonsense researching, squashed into today. I may die later, or probably get a painstaking headache. Or maybe not. Does it even matter?


This was 'home sweet home' at Marysville. It had a bbq pit and heated pool/spa/sauna just outside. Plus, the neighbor gave me a full cup of bird seeds. Could it get any better?

The Knitting Club.

Aaand more birds.

Jaeda is amaazed. She hit one of the birds and it never came back :(

Oh yeah, one our way to the town area, we spotted a wild koala. Let me point this out: It is a frickin rare opportunity. So yeah, happiness is me! Spotting a rare koala bear is like, spotting a celebrity..... skinny-dipping. omg.

....i clearly have nothing better to do.

So! More from Bruno's Wonderland of Dead Humans That Seem Alive:

Having a good time there eh, pal?

Yess, conquered, we have!

And on the way back...

Sheep. Awww. -__-

And on a completely irrelevant (or relevant :D) note,

I want this. It's made in Malaysia. Aren't we so creative?

By the way--I know Vonn's gonna love this--cards from Japan Airlines! My eldest sis got them years and years ago. She has like, 4 boxes. But she won't give me one D: Where's the kindness? Where is the love?

Oh, i'm missing Malaysia. I want roti canai and I want the gym. I don't know how i'm ever gonna live here for studies next time. All the Malaysians here are so... Chinesey. For some odd reason. And the only 'young' Australian people who give a twopence about smiling at you are the cashiers. Or waiters. But I like the elderly people here, haha. Or maybe i'm just a lil judgmental but heck, that's just my impression, lah. :P

Now, I must go and contemplate about my significance on this earth. Hmmmm....


"Jaeda, kiss Elmo!"


Oh the love.

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Rachel said...

The pic of Jaeda kissing elmo is so precious!!!