Sunday, October 26, 2008


I'm getting really sick of the spring weather right now. It's so freaking warm, and somehow, it's just not the same kinda 'hot' you feel back in Malaysia. Especially since our room (mom + me) is the only room without aircond and fan. guh.

Anyways, for some unknown reason, Row wants me to blog about yesterday, which supposedly, was our 'honeymoon date thing'. I dropped by her place and omg, I am so in awe of her PS3. I've been wanting to lay my hands on it ever since it released and it is beeeautifuuuul. *eyes water* I'm gonna save up my money and once i'm officially done with my O lvls, i'm gonna blow my cash on a PS3 and kickass games and play my remaining months of freedom away...!

HEH, like that's ever gonna happen. But man, let a girl dream.

So, park (oh y'know, what all teenage girls do.... play seesaw), food, Banjun Drama, more food, laughs. That's about it. But I think this will be my last visit and I'm gonna miss my wife WHO STILL OWES ME MONEY. :) At least now i'll have something to look forward to in December. Christmas together! *hyperventilates*

Sigh, so gay like JaeHo <3

lazy bum.

Row: I have a feeling I can fit through this hole.....

I really.... don't know.

I am really 16 years old, I swear!

the Lau's.

I gotta get back to my Scrubs, hee!

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Rachel said...

Lol. The last pic was silly. But all the same, I luv my sis. *Muah*