Friday, October 10, 2008

Wake up. Drowsy Drivers Die.

Miss Procrastinator here finally sent her laptop for a fix today. And the guy working there has the most awesome blue eyes ever, serious. Anyways, I totally enjoyed my trip to Marysville. It was one of the best and most peaceful places ever. But if my sis wasn't there, then maybe not so much. I don't do good with just 3 aunties together D: I didn't do much just feed rosellas and cockatoos, bbq-ed, walked around in the small town just admiring the many picturesque sceneries. Oh, I also got to swim in the heated pool. 20 laps non-stop, baby. The only proper exercise I got in almost 3 weeks, ha.

One of the most interesting things was that I got to visit Bruno's Sculpture Garden. It was so amazing and so pretty! And guess what? The whole trip was free, thanks to my aunt. :D I have like around 250 photos in my cam but I got nowhere to upload it so, as soon as I get my laptop back, be ready to be bombarded with MANY pictures here (especially of birds and sculptures). :)

Besides all that, I'm missing Malaysia VERY MUCH now for only one reason and for that reason alone would I risk anything to go home right now. But obviously, I can't, which is making me sick with dread just at the thought... I guess i'm just not one of those persons who constantly has good things coming at them. I've been praying for years for something almost impossible like this to happen and now that it has, i'm not even home. Perfect. But hey, i'm Soph, i'll get over it right? Uh, I don't think so. The worse thing is, nobody gets it and nobody can get it. But it doesn't matter, does it.


Hehe, me and one of it.

Oh, right, I got tagged by THE ZOE.

What is his/her name?
Zoe Ng Tzu Chuen.

How old is he/she?

What relationship are you having with him/her?
A very serious relationship ;) She's my friend la, d'oh.

Did he/she ever betray you?
Uh, I hope not. I don't think so. HAVE YOU? That is on your own guilty conscience, muahah :D

Do you love him/her?
Hum, like Spongebob loves Patrick.

Is he/she your soulmate?
Umm... she's just Zoe, lol.

What do you think of him/her?
Been my funnily weird pal since pre-school, awesome to laugh with, and and... she's love. Like cooookie.

Would you get him/her a pressie?
Sure, why not?

Is he/she a liar?
Well, she's lied before, if that's what you mean.

Would you marry him/her?
If she were a guy. And her name wasn't Zoe Ng. And if she had green eyes, were 6 ft tall and didn't have long hair. But then, that would be a totally different person already soooo....

If you become more popular than him/her, would you dump him/her?
Eh? Wouldn't her being more popular be helpful to me? teehee. But no, I wouldn't.

Tag 10 people that you really care and they must answer these question about YOU:
Row, Roberts, Ahtebas, er um... can you guys tag yourselves?

Hopefully, my laptop gets fixed asap! Just waiting for Mr Blue Eyes to call me tomorrow. Until then, bya peeps.

Jordin Sparks ft. Chris Brown's No Air
Pink's So What
Miley Cyrus's See You Again

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