Monday, October 6, 2008

Ready, set.... ready?

Sigh, my mum left with my aunt to the so-called 'resort' first. My sis and I shall be going tomorrow as well. But, thing is, tonight I have to sleep alone D: I mean, obviously, I don't have an issue sleeping alone. It's just that here... it's really, sleeping alone, y'know?

uh, no.

Sorry :P I've slept in this room before, it's in my sister's house, d'oh. But it's 'out of my comfort zone'. I just don't know what is it about this room that makes it so not alone-sleep-able. I think it's those freaky chimes that the neighbor has. Or maybe it's just me. So yes, i'm gonna have trouble tonight :( I'm kind-of a big baby lah, go away. And can you recall my 'possum snoring incident' I blogged about a year ago in my previous blog? Guh, see, I have my reasons! Let's just hope them possums are staying away tonight... please!

Anywhos, I won't be blogging for the next few days. Probably only on Friday. No internet way up in those mountains and besides, i'll be doing better things like, swimming in the heated pool, watching DVDs.... eating potato chips.......

So yeah.

Don't miss me too much?

Psych! I know you will. ;)

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