Sunday, October 5, 2008

You're the voice

I'll make this short and sweeeet.

If I were back in Malaysia right now, i'd be...
Just coming out of hiphop class, stinking of sweat and lovin' it because i know i got it by dancing my butt off for the past hour. Now i don't have that and i won't for another 6 weeks. I'm missing it so badly :( I think i gained 2 kgs? or 1. Not that it matters cause i still look so insanely slim ~ TEEHEE. Diets are not for me and never will be. I live to eat, i eat to live. And dance. But, that's another story huh?

Oh yeah, no offence to you peoples but,
Australian Idol sucks.

and this week's theme is ABBA. The brilliant famous old tunes.
My God, they're ruining it.

...well, that wasn't very sweet was it? Sorry. :D

Have i mentioned how much i love City Life? Heh. So, Marina Prior, Australian singer and actress, came to sing 3 songs. It was breathtaking when she sang The Prayer with another guy. Beautiful. I may not be especially great at any particular instrument (i neglected my piano and guitar), but hey, i know how to appreciate music when i hear it. :) Oh, and i'm pretty sure most of you guys know who Billy Graham is. If you don't, where the heck have you been? Anyways, his grandson came to preach! William Franklin Graham the Fourth omg. How awesome is that? Plus, he is rocking the Texan accent, y'aaalll.

So yesh, when i leave here, i'll miss the church, ultimately.

Anywhos, i'm off for the day. And now i'm lolling so hard cause we're watching PotC and my mum just asked, "Which one is this ah? The Chest of the Dead Man Walking?"

I love you, mee.

Celine Dion & Andrea Brocelli's The Prayer

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