Sunday, November 23, 2008

Butterfillar :)

Aah, finally, a day of rest. Vbs was pretty verrrry exhausting. Kids are so interesting and are ultimately, made of looove, but can really tire you out, seriousleh. I helped and er, time-keeped. And of course, stalked the cute lil kiddies :) Hee. How not to?

God created you! Wooow, God is gooood.
First day wasn't so bad. I was kinda bored actually. Cause all I did was sit around the whole time and just wait for each session to end. But! I suddenly saw this ah-do-ra-bel kid, Brandon Goh, in Gen-2. Omgosh! He was the cutest thing. So, that's when my aweshum stalker powers came into actionn.

ZoeLim, go awaaaay.

Plus, he so reminds me of my dear little cousin-in-law back in Australia. haiyaaa, cannot resist. :)

Man sinned. NoOoOoOo.
Second day was fun and bad, simultaneously. Fun cause Zoe helped out as well. Hehe, got teman, yay. But she (and the others like Sam, JoshChin, etc) only helped Gen-2 cheh. Cause of Joseph, another cutie of a boy. And I showed her Brandon. Big mistake, rawr. Pft, she stole him. I can't help it that my 'favorites' are always the most adorable...est. :D Anyways, it was bad as well cause, midway, I suddenly felt extremely nauseated. It was baaad.

God saved us! Wooow, God is very very very gooood.
Third day was kinda the best, as usual. For one, I didn't feel like throwing up, thank God. Had the whole sign-the-vbs-shirt tradition goin on (though, I had a lot more sigs on my previous shirt), even my mom got into it. Aw, she's so hip ;) After everything, we had a long quiz and the giving out of their certs. Then everyone just hung around and played with them kids. I just sat and watched cause I felt so exhausted and I got a fever and sore throat. Yesla, i'm prone to sickness, sheesh.

Like I said, there are hardly any picts cause slr's in Aus, dangit. Overall, it was awesome and i'm glad the kids had fun. I don't really miss them all that much cause I see them almost every Sunday. :P

Anyways, I'm feeling great today cause my sudden sorethroat+fever attack went away--now I just have slight flu. Oh, and I got to see Brandon again. Win! :)

Kudos to Joseph for his scary-looking chipmunk face thing, ha.



Mine :P

Teacher, why you help them, never help me.
Oh, sorrylor. You want me to draw flower for you?
Boys don't like flowers wan.
Brandon likes flowers leh. He drew a big one on my shirt. Yes anot?
YES. I draw nice flower. *beams*

aaah! I could squeeze him to death. :)

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