Sunday, November 9, 2008

CardsLaughterAndPalmoliveSoap :(

(hai vonn!)

Awww, I miss Jaeda an awful lot. Dam sad lor, without her and my sister's company. It's back to the quiet (well... exclude the neighbor's in-the-laundry-area conversations and the renovations goin on), lonely, hot Malaysian life. Boring daily routines, boooo. :(

Anyways, i've been adjusting back a little less than fine. No idea why, but ever since I got back, my stomach's been feeling uncomfortable. I can eat fine (thank GOD), but if I eat too fast/much, I feel like throwing up. :/ AND MY INTERNET SUCKS ARSE. Why lah.

I'll probably update less after this.

My life..... isn't all that great. BUT, I'm trying to live it up. TRYING.

I guess I'm just feeling a little empty right now. I kinda know why, but y'know, in your own pathetic moment of weakness, you just don't really wanna admit it. Uhuh, it's that depressing, in a way. Pft -_-

more awesomeness.

heeee, they're so weird :)

guh, i'm too tired. *feigns exhausted look*

Metro Station's Shake It
The Knack's My Sharona

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