Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Once upon a time the story goes

I had a miraculous recovery, I kid you not. :O No, seriously la, I suddenly got better yesterday. The discomfort was there in the morning and left early noon-ish. And so far, i've not gotten it today either. OMG can. I have my Big Ol' Pa to thank for that. Honestly, just to test whether I still had it, I actually took the risk of eating pizza. A bit dumb la, but it worked, HAH. I love my tumtums again. :B

On another note, another two weeks more and it'll be December already. Let me assure you: Time did NOT fly. People always complain that it does just because it's coming to an end but heck, there were times when I desperately needed it to just zoom by and it didn't. Just comes to show that I've been tested many times on my patience and perseverance, WHICH I tend to fail a lot, pft. But! I'm getting better. :)

The Beginning -
Let's see.. I started off the year with a baaad week-lasting stomach ache and I almost ended the year (it's November lah, almost the end :P) with a baaad week-lasting indigestion. Or what seemed to be an indigestion. Ironic, no? Hum, eventhough the start of this year sucked immensely, I can't say it was a trivial beginning. I hope to never say this again but, I wore my heart on my sleeve, as corny as that sounds. Lesson learnt, friendship is more of value to me now than anything else. Then there was Switchfoot! Which was a great experience and I guess, a kind of temporary remedy at that time. So so thankful for it. Oh, yeah, and I fell in love with David Archuleta, nyahahaha.

The Middle -
Friendship and personal issues started. Not that that is totally over and done with, but ah, you lose some and you gain some. To balance that off, of course, small little pleasures and self-accomplishments came along the way. Oh, let's not forget Euro 08, my little visit to the hospital, aaand *cough* Cire *cough*. Hee :)

I also got hit with a bad case of nostalgia. It's still stuck with me, rawr.

Towards The Ending -
In August, I was asked to be a back-up dancer for an Adidas 'Yoga Day' event. The easy-but-dam-tiring hiphop routine was pure EVIL. Buut, I got a RM199 vest I always wanted for free, so it was worth it hey? And after months and MONTHS, I finally got to meet up with Vonn and the rest. It was Awesome. I forgot how much fun I used to have with em and how I really missed people like Vonn, Zoe, Meg, Jul, Vern... I don't really miss YewYew la, cause I always see him. Ha Ha ;) After that particular week, the 'good times' just kept on comin (exception to my missing Wade Robson and BM results, go away -.-).

And I got to witness my niece saying the words,
- popoh
- yiyi
- ah bird
- flee! *flaps arms*
- Elmo
- no more
- NO
- night night!

Homg, freaking cuuute.

So overall, I guess it's been a puhretty eventful year. The only part I regret is not depending on Him as much as I should've. Hm, but now I know don't I. Ever since January, I've already been looking forward to 2009 and I'm GLAD this year is almost over! Now, I can look forward to, intense+stressful O lvl tuitions and preparations, O lvls itself, turning 17, vroom-vrooming (NGEEE :D:D:D), a few months of freedom. I can't WAIT to see all that He has in store for me. It's gonna be grrrreat, that's for sure. :)

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