Friday, November 14, 2008


Homg, finally! The delayed post is here.

121108, Vonn's 17th, yay! Had lunch at Seoul Garden, but no soju, what lah. Must like, LIVE IT UP a bit la hor? HEH. I think the only way you could see that it's a Korean buffet-style bbq/steamboat is by the name. And that there's kimchi. The food wasn't bad though. Well, duh, we cooked it :D We spent a whole lot of time there, being extremely loud and all, talking nonsense... prawns...... orga--AHEM. (meep-hehehe-meep. roflmao)

Random places going we went. You know la, the usuals.

Anyways, I already wished you twice, but um, Merry 7teenth Vonniee! Sarang you long time! Seriously, you're such an awesome friend, from like, 10 (or was it 11) years old till now. Eventhough we didn't talk much then D: I can't believe I knew you for so long. Thanks to Zoe and her cutesy birthday parties lol. You're definitely someone I would remember for years to come. I cannot forget your random crapstuff even if I wanted to HA HA. ;)

Oh, trust me, there was waaay more than that.

>_< | o_o | --O_O--

Zoe's 'Hannah Tan' smile imitations and me... gawking. Vonn is um, happy.

Heh, doncha just love this.

See Meg, I so nice, I bent down in most of the pictures. :D


loool, we just had to ya.

It ain't over till the fat lady sings Vonn does her rocker jump.

I had good captions in mind, but I forgot them while I was uploading -.- I'll put them in when I can remember heh. The pictures weren't edited; the cross-processing credits goes to Megan's Leica. There are more on Facebook, but don't go and see cause, I look retarded in lots of 'em hee hee. :)

I went to the gym yesterday, and whoa, I didn't die. But I did get really pissed. Why? The towel counter staff gave my dam card to somebody else again. WTH? What, do they NOT like me to have my own card? Or is it really fun to just make cards for people over and over again? If it was so easy right, I should've pre-ordered like 100 cards so they can give everyone the same card and everyone will go into the gym with the name Sophira. Hu-ray. My own little planet in 1u. ~_~

GUH. I'm starting to grow this kind of intense love-hate thing for the gym. I love it cause it's somewhere I'm comfortable and I can dance+combat there. And well, can meet new people, etc. I hate it cause the 'Person' is too lazy-or-i-don't-know-what to organize other dance instructors to come down and instead, keep this one for like more than 2 years, boring my butt off with his cacated steps and what he claims to be 'break-dancing'. Self-invented la, no doubt. AND then there's the towel counter staff.

Oh, the towel people. Stress stress. Headache, migraine, stomach ache, eye ache, ear ache, mouth ache, leukemia, die. gosh.

Like I said, it's a love-hate thing.

And, before I forget, a very happy 14th to HazelChangTianAi. GBU.

Rain's 고개 돌려
Rain's You

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