Wednesday, December 24, 2008

#102 Shine

merri krismasu eve! :)

Oo, flash! is the year almost over ALREADY? happier days are a-comin :D

Today was spent em.. normally. Lunched at that new place New York New York and man, was the food good. dam pricey though, but no doubt the taste was kickin'. The only downfall was that food took EONS to get out. I think they were lacking cooks, so yeah.

Some working people occupied the long table beside us, and of them was this guy. This fat guy man of great proportions who was so freaking annoying ok. i mean, sure la the food took ages, so? not enough cooks cannot arh? he has to go around grumbling/talking uber loudly to the waiters and whoever else was listening and he even looked in the kitchen and complained sarcastically. omg shut up and wait woi. irritating teenagers also not so ulu la -.-

After that, looked for presents but was not successful. Came home aaand here i am, watching sis play dota. How... Christmassy......

Anyways, this year i've decided to not buy any Cmas presents. HEHE i joke. it's unintentional, really. I didn't think about christmas presents and all till like er, this week? Been busy being up and about my O level stuff and i almost had tuition this week. Yes, i know, jolly week. Buut no tuition so um, last minute card-making etc. It'll probably be considered a new years card or something though. Don't bbq me if i haven't finished yours. :(

but i am always ready to receive!
hehehehe psst, Josh. Sidekick! i love you.

Ah.. Christ, family, friends. This is the best season. :)
hopefully next year's will be spent at The Big Apple. whee.

shine a light, in the dark
let them see His glory
hold a hand, touch a heart
manifest His love
let the world know that Jesus reigns
in our hearts, in our lives, let it shine.
--Sophenie Chong

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