Sunday, December 21, 2008

#101 Deo

Sho, what's the haps?
the not-so-hectic (whoa, that's a first) Cmas nursery class partay!

where i also got to see one of the loves of my life.


don't ask me 'why him' lah, he just is. SO adorable. :)

Anyways, we did the usuals, art, snack, sing-song, Bible story, games, ladida parents come go home bye bye. I love them kids omg. Of course sometimes it's pretty dam tiring, but it's always worth it. What i would give to see how i was in sunday school/kindy. barangkali sangat comel HEE HEE.

too bad i can hardly remember my first kindy friends...
oh! i know one! Andrew Paul, :D

Pik-chers! (quality looks so sucky when uploaded here. booo)

Joel, the kid who used to talk to me in mando a lot. I did not understand a word.

Moses, who em....... parted the red sea.... o.o

shake the bum bums :)

Esther, scolded me for not knowing her middle name.
Natalie, who has the cutest sister EVAR!

Joshua, his sign language puts mine to shame..
Amanda, she looks like a girl version of Dexter lol.
Korean kid, i think his name is... Bae Heong Se? no idea.

I can say, "Hello, my name is Sophira. Are you OK?"
but i couldn't even ask him, "What's your name?"


Nat's sis, what did i tell you?! DEM KIUT CAN.

Josiah, whom my sister adores.


Addison, clearly he can't smile properly. hahaha. but he's aweshum!

Shanelle, ...the hyper one.

children ftw! except the annoying ones i can't handle. *whistles*

After that, wanted to follow Terrence and all to sunway but couldn't sooo ended up helping my sis teach hiphop class. A children's hiphop class. ha, i am destined to have kids :D sadly, only one turned up so we just... danced. By ourselves. syok.

On another note, i'm thinking about passwording my blog. Either my link somehow pops up at various places or people just love searching me, WO BU ZHI DAO LAH. but it's kinda annoying how random people like going up to my dad saying, "Hey, one of your daughters got blog eh?" And it's not like, my eldest sis' friends or something.. more like old uncles and aunties. Omgla, i didn't know it was entertaining for 40/50 somethings year olds -.- Not that i have an issue with my parents finding my blog, cause er, they have found it before.

Most people are probably OK with it, but i just find it weird. Comprende? hence, the deliberation. hm.

I neeeeed.... chocolate. ta!

Audiofood, Yurima's River Flows In You

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