Friday, December 19, 2008

#100 SoRoMe

Hai, annyong! *waves*

Say hooray for the host of the partay :) so um, basically, Vonn and i went over to Meg's yesterday and did... stuff. Too bad Vonn couldn't stay over though, confirm kao kao we won't sleep wun and then in the morning, Meg's piano class would be like...

Megan, please play C chord.
Huh... what, em.... what?
C. play C chord.
Um, uh... c... c, c, c, c...... uh cat? Cow?
....violin or piano?

:D she was spared though, from the awesomeness of the Vonnokun. dam syok when she's around... Barats and Bereta, yo! I love youtube and high five jumps. :)

ohoho, caught in action hmmmm.

Anyways, after that, we had to walk to oneyou and we got lost twice, ack. We faaail, but thank God we got there eventually, no robbers, rapists, noobs...
after the collection of RouYuan and my gym class and our aimlessly walking everywhere, we got back, ate, drank and was merry. Gan bae! Anglia shandy sucks--go Jolly! go white wine! GO SOJUUU! *hick*

peekaboo-ing through toilet stool luh. What? you've never done it before?

Vonn ♥

After she left (such a tragedy *funeral music*), we all proceeded to the piano and stayed there, for like almost an hour. You have no idea how entertaining a piano can be. Hm almost like hair clips. i used to play 'dinosaur' with em when i was way younger hehehehe... moving on.

Bella's Lullaby~~

eh, potential Fb profile pic. :D

Em, i would've taken more pikchas, but my slr was going crazy. Apparently, the batterties my pa bought me were some lauya dunno-what kind, so it didn't work. Most of the prettifying pics are in Meg's Leica... stuck in her Leica, more like it. and in Row's cam. -.- i'll get them soon!

Oh yeah, what's funny was that, Meg brought a mattress right, but bo liao blanket and pillow WTH. But i mean, this was my plan la...

both of them on bed (yes, with Tum Tums -.-) and me on floor. Floor. My natural habitat. with the pretty love mattress, hee. Buuut, they made me sleep on the bed which ended up to be:

rawr. i think they suffered more than i did though (i didn't suffer lah, very comfy) cause they were too nice to not want their feet to touch touch meh.

YES! *high five* ABSTINENCE!

Meg's bed is awesome though. Love bed. It's where the magic happens. HAHAHA. :) stayed up till about 5-ish (wooh gossip xD) and then KO'ed. Because that is how we roll.

♥ ♥ ♥

Right, I'M about to ko soon if i don't go. More another time, goodbai.

Audiofood, BoA's Eat You Up
TaeYang's Look At Only Me

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