Friday, December 26, 2008

#104 Aftermath

It's come and gone again, so fast :(

okay, so i'm stressing out over my cards and i'm thinking of not even making them at all, cause well.... i blame procrastination. No, it's not me. (hehe lies) Note-to-self: next year, start in october. Or february. -.-

and i know right, 0127am also still wanna blog like no life, but i'm bored and my pa don't want to watch WLIIA with me :( abandonment!

Traditional family gather at my aunt's place. This year, minus the carols and turkey, plus cottage pie and the rare Orangina = voila! Christmas dinner! i know right? gathering with no carols? but us cousins were busy berbonding-bonding till we didn't realize it was almost 11, so we went straight to the presents. eh, not just us k, the parents too. THERE WAS LOTSA WINE INVOLVED, hence? :)

hehehehe too bad no drunk uncles or aunties.

I got pretty 'funny' presents this year. I think my aunt's relatives forgot how old i am D: None from the parents though, eventhough i vaguely told them what i wanted...

"Eh mie, can get me a black hoodie or a cap? oh OH, but don't tell me which. SURPRISE MEH!"

OK fine la, not very vague >.>

but i'm glad the homemade shirts paid off; the cousins loved it. we're geniuses! oh, and kudos to davidandgoliath tees too.

aanyways, i'm singing off. Happy Boxing Day? :)

this is my 'yay, i have a recordable plushie that now says "Hi, i'm a monkey, hear me rawr" and also, an almost-sorethroat' face! go Soph!

Audiofood, Fall Out Boy's Thanks For The Memories

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