Saturday, December 27, 2008



my hardcore tuition starts next week T_T AND rorow dear leaves on tuesday. soph am cry. but it was good while it lasted. i just got back from the annual reunion at chanelle's, but damn killjoy lah. somehow EVERYTIME, i'm like one of the earliest to leave -.-

oh and yes. we missed you vonn! at least i did :( get well soon, beb!

zoe sarang!

they slept over after that, i didn't. sorryla, my mummy miss me too much so she sent pa to pick me up. that is what i'd like to believe lol. poke you, mummeh!

check out my sexy recordable monkey.

guh, too lazy to capitalize. i need one last break before the intense o level stuff weighs me down. bring it on man, HIT ME. (oh gosh, please don't, i already got slapped by vern)

oh Lord, please let the months pass me by.

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