Tuesday, December 30, 2008

#106 ♥

Hi sexys. This just in, breaking news,
iExaggerate -.-
yeah, that's right, the start of my 'intense training' begins tomorrow.
2 days before New Years. Dem random date, i know.

While others begin theirs for SPM, i.... only have about 5 and a half months.....
BUT, on the brighter side, i graduate earlier. hah! win!

Anyways, since it's way over 12, just wanna wish the last birthday of the year.

a very merry 16th to you, Shabeta Kumar!

aah, the youngest of us :) Continue to grow strong in Him yeah.
Don't be too emo kay? Must be happy. Happy = love = win = less wrinkles = not so prone to cancer. Yay. *jump heel click* looove youh.

On a sadder note, my other half leaves for Taiwan tmr.


29 12 08;
Had a lotta fun at Vonn's, the house of love. Missed her la! Grace, Row and Yew came over as well and there were Nandos, too much fries, Never-Ending Card Game ♥, and pictionary involved. Scandalous :O!

oh yeah, btw, no nicenice pics for now cause the slr's down D: It's goin crazy lah. I change new batts, it says low batts. I turn on super macro, the lens+screen turns off and then comes on again and still not on. wtheck MADNESS. Will fix soon, patience dears. (i should tell myself that, guh)

kaokao chu time. Soph out -

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