Wednesday, December 31, 2008

#107 Cheers

...boy, Blogger sure does screw up the quality of my pics. :/
i got essay to write but i'm doing this instead. Ooh i've SO got my priorities straight.

Fuh, finally the last day of 2008. I've been anticipating this day, only cause this has probably been the worst year. Good times came and went faster than my popoh in a shopping complex. One minute it's there, the next it's gone. woooo. Sad to say, i've been more on the negative side this year. D:

So so so, i'm welcoming 2009 with open arms.

nah! *flails arms wide open*

No end-of-the-year epic post though. My mind is like, almost blank. Besides, i already kinda summarized my year a while ago. What else you want me to say? I'm only looking to THE FUTURE now and i only have one resolution in mind for next year (um, tomorrow):

get at least 4/5 credits for my O levels

fuyoh, powderful much. Oh wait, i have another one:

pass driving test

hee hee. Other than that, making resolutions and actually keeping them is pretty much, the hardest thing ever. I mean, how many of you actually COMPLETE all of your resolutions for the year? when i don't fulfill them (not that i actually really bothered listing them out), it just turns out to be like empty promises you make to yourself. Disappointing, really.

You don't need to wait for New Years to be your motivation and push you to do things. Try to make everyday that day. I say, go for it and try to achieve anything that comes your way. Or else, just be happy that at least you did your best to try. Or, you're a failure at life.

EHEHEHEHEHE i joke lah :)

So yeah, basically for me, I am all hurray for 2009. Bring it onnn.

~A jolly merry new years y'all!~
and let the good times keep on rolling...

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