Sunday, January 4, 2009

Faces :B

Warning! Lovely faces ahead;

In the words of Vernibles... hi my name is Soph and i'm turning 17. WOAAHH. I mean like, from 14 to 15, or 15 to 16, never feel anything la.. how to feel, nothing special happen also -.- but 17! Let me say again (cause supah syok).. WOAAAHHH.

and it's already the fourth day into the year. Which reminds me, time to change header...

Anyways, i almost dozed off during service today and i blame no one in particular. *cough* VonnChowMayYi *cough* We were up doing nonsense lah :) I think the last time i used the webcam like this was when i did a shark impersonation for Row.... and my mum opened the door halfway lol. Should've seen the look on her face. Priceless :D

I was trying to cheer Row up, which was very successfully done thank you very much (it better be. i got down on my knees, man). And thennn....


waaah, fun siao. Should've done this on NYE! instead of coming home from church and then stoning in front of comp listening to the far-away sounds of fireworks. So lifeless.

Wy-van + Patrick + sunnies.

I have mastered the ways of the Princess Leia buns. GO ME! & random dress-ups. Eh, my cowboy hat ftw right? I know. :D

Vonn's 1001 10 mustachiozz + unibrow faces hahahaha. she pwn la.

I ♥ webcam. Anyhowevers, i eat need noodle nissin my cook. Hungry very tahan cannot. Working not brain. Bye good.

Joy to the world! ♥

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