Tuesday, January 6, 2009



So, i won't be able to update frequently now, cause i've got all these crazy assignments to do and i only have like, a whole day's break in-between my tuition (or as my pa likes to call it, 'CLASS') days. And i use those days to finish up my hw. yup, psych! freaking hectic ya'll. Buuut, i don't mind so much, considering i've got only 5 months to live.

You SPMers should be thankful for your 11 months, seriously.

On a happier note, I may drop math. wooooh, very shocking, no? (or should i say, SYOKing? :D)

I was literally stunned when my mum suddenly said maybe i should drop math. After all, plus that i'm already doing 6 subjects? and i only need 3/4 credits? you do the math. Of course, it's an 'in-case' thing la like, what if i fail french or history or something (though, i probably won't be alive cause my dad would sabo me kao kao BUT I'M JUST SAYING). Maybe my mum has finally given up her hopes on me. :O YAAAYYYYY!

uh, i mean..... sob.


Other than all that educationy stuffs, i'm looking forward to CNY.
ang pao, lai lai~

gotta ciao, ladies and germs. Happy studying! ;)

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