Friday, January 9, 2009

#110 Blah

Whoa, heck. It's finally the weekends. *breathes* Sure, studying's great and all, and strangely enough, i'm not feeling really pressured (YET), but EH, i'm human too. I need a break :D Kinda funny though, cause last year i was so wound up about bm, you could hit me with a bat and i wouldn't even know it. But now, despite the fact i actually only have 4 months, i'm not nervous. thank you GOD, for the beautiful word confidence. Cause i need a lot a lot of it. & no worries Zoe, i feel like a nerd too. Let's unite.

Besides that, i'm itching to watch Hana Kimi lah. Quickly come back, Meg. :)

Other than that, life is actually OK, omg. 9 days into the year and 'nothing' has happened yet. This feels... gooood.

Oh yeah, one thing though. You know that feeling, when that person you really wanna see and you actually expect to see (almost like, you're definitely sure), doesn't turn up? But, when you're totally clueless to that person's absence--it's not even in your mind--THEN, that person's there. Isn't it funny?

One of life's amusing little ironies, i guess. ha ha so damn annoying -.-
I think too much. ):

Hoshi, i want youuuu.

anyways, i gotta go eat a cupcake for Ro.....
i've got a Hana Kimi-less weekend to look forward to. rawr!

Audiofood, Rain's 내 여자

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