Saturday, January 10, 2009

#111 Done!

Hehehe most awesome and boring saturday ever. My teacher's notes and all were moved to the new house so she didn't have any assignments to give me (apparently, every weekend is supposed to be jam-packed with evil, tedious reports and researches to do) SO, i hardly have anything to study. I'm getting so accustomed to this STUDYING THING, it's almost scary. Aww, baby Soph is growing up so fast! -.-

Last night, inspiration and i suddenly collided. Hallelujah. I was so motivated to try my hand at making a wallpaper people would actually view and like it. Even if you pretended to like it, I STILL LIKE YOU. but then i'd have to kill you.

So so, i spent my whole afternoon on this. I just finished it actually. It probably would've been done and over with maybe a few hours ago but noooo, nutso laptop just had to unexpectedly REBOOT WTH. Holeeee frick I COULD'VE KAMIKAZE'D SOMEONE.

Angry siao la k cause i only managed to save like, a quarter of what i'd done. Sigh. Almost gave up.

But where's the fun in that hmmm?

As the Japanese would say,

RESTARTU! or maybe not.

So restart, i did. and i'm very very satisfied with the results, tqvm! I did it in a 'random messy collage' style. It could be better, no doubt, but only some backside would think about something like that now.


wanna see wanna see?

TAAAAADDDDAAAAAAAAAA!! *click to enlarge plz.

Yes, of Rain, what else did you expect. :D

The whole collage part is supposed to be smaller but i lazy to adjust again. Tell me watchyou think kay? Have mercy, i very kan cheong about these kinda things hehehe. Anyhuus, yours truly has to take her leave now. I'm getting sick of my beloved (laptop) and i'm feelin crazy hungry k, bya peoples.

Audiofood: TVXQ's Don't Bring Me Down

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