Saturday, December 6, 2008

김밥, 김밥 :D

Kimbap! The first word I wrote down (without looking at my notes, lah!) after memorizing my hangul. And it doesn't help that even when I'm supposedly 'studying', my mind is still partially occupied with thoughts of food. -.-

Yes! and I feel so accomplished cause I finally took the initiative to actually understand and remember my hangul. I actually feel like i'm at least 10% smarter than i was yesterday okaay. Kinda sad but wtvlah :D It keeps me unbored.

All hail the nerd.

Other than that, i've been spending a lot of time browsing alotta blog/online boutiques. They make me so wishful and depressed. Wanna know why, wanna know why? :D I've nothing better to do on a friday night, humor me laa.

Pros -
#1 They have awesome and so prettifying clothes.
#2 They especially have clothes of all types that you can't even find here. DANCE clothes!
#3 Got beanie cap T_T

Cons -
#1 Very expensive.
#2 So the expensive woi.
#4 My pa don't trust.
#5 Beanie cap sold out T_T

Sigh. So I just look... and look. and admire. and wish. why Nappytabs have to look so awesome :( and LoGotti too.

sorry, no pic of full thing.

anyways, i'd better scoot. Shall 'hangul' a bit more and then kaokaochu.

i'm glad i'm finally free of those thoughts.
i thought i'd be happy to think that i'm still holding on.
but my time has passed and i'd rather move on.
last time was awesome and i don't regret, honestly.
bye bye you. and komawoyo! chongmal. :)

Audiofood, Paramore's That's What You Get

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