Sunday, December 7, 2008

big warm fuzzy secret heart ♥

baah, Soph is so sian. so so sian till she don't care about capitalizing properly and can implode, aigu. wtheck to do on a sunday afternoon la. everybody sleeping for like 3.512909586 hours. all i have is...

mr Rice...thing.

my teman for the afternoon. :D What else to do? i squeeze it too much and now it is shitting rice out. rice pooper. and the other thing i did is eat. and eat. and eat. *beremo-emo*

after that, i thought, ah whatever laah, NERD a bit. but not very successful because HEHEHE, i don't tell you. :)

proof! ;)

okay, yesla, my writing dem suck right now. a korean 6-yr-old's writing is probably better than mine -.- i'll get better, patience patience. but i super happy now cause i have memorized all the vowels and consonants, etc, AND NOW I CAN READ HANGUL. oh the power is me! except... i don't understand what it means.

but i can read anyhow. HA HA woooooh! syoks.

hoho, my dl rate has boosted up all the way to 70kbps--in your face! i didn't even know it was humanly possible... AWESOME! i'm so proud of you, my darling. :)

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