Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some friends just fit together

I finally got around to figuring out how to set my language bar and stuff, which might explain the few random korean words here and there. fun to type cheh. :)

I just lost my outing buddy for tomorrow, sucks. :( and to add to that, sad to say, i'm a very bad friend. i couldn't even remember the past few dates and if i had remembered, i probably would've already said...

a jolly 16th to you, mister!

Aww, i remember sunday school and aunty sam's class (boys were evil then--except one. no not you don't perasan lol) and then grc. you know how i used to remember you? "Jon Roberts ah, that guy always wear same shirt wan." HAHAHAH chun leh, i know, no need to say.

you will always be my retarded, my le superawesome buddy.
thanks for being there for me, espesh in the ol' school days loooong time ago. (aiya, like grandma la) i know i'm a complicated friend to put up with, but la right, i appreciate it. and you know i'll always be there for you too hm?
i lovah you, you're awesome, i'm awesome, etcetera tura tura. ;)

and I WILL NOT forget again. so what luh.. 바보! ish ish smack me.

Oh yeah, i got to catch Bolt yesterday with the 'fam'. I love Disney and it's insane main characters like like...


dem kiuuut lah k, beh tahan! i want a loyal fat useless tv-addicted hamster now :D The movie was good, it felt like Finding Nemo meets Toy Story 2. definitely something that could cheer me up any day and the graphics was suuuuper. waaay better than Mad2 that's for sure.

9/10 can!

Also, this. I have absolutely no idea on how to comment about this. i have mixed feelings -.- i loved it aaaand i kinda expected something more? after all, i really like the books. My fave characters+story is probably Lena Kaligaris and Kostos! HEHE greeks ftw. I guess the main thing i liked was the way they acted... their expressions and chemistry with each other, it made the friendship very believable. like, it seemed real to me. so um... thumbs up o_o

it's just something you watch when you've seen the first one and when you're bored/home alone lah. 8/10.

If my life were a movie, and i had to watch it, i'd probably fall asleep after the first 5 minutes, 정말 -.-

guh, the wine is making me sleepy. so, ta.

Audiofood, Jonas Brothers's Lovebug

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