Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Markers and Mirrors :)

ola! I think i rock at last-minute planning, donchyou think so? :) anyways, i went over to Meg's in the morning and bummed there till 5.30. Started watching Whose Line Is It Anyway the second i got there. dam syok lo she, download season 7 and 8 somemore heh. but worth it, because LAUGH OUT LOUD we did. :D I'm glad they decided to bring the show back.

Hi, welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway, the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter. Like the person who uses the toilet after you.

MEEEGGGAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!! ....i want your clothes T_T

And then i suddenly remembered that she bought markers from the art shop a while back and i've been dying to use it ever since. so hehehehe. we drew :D

my word bubble faaaailed.

Soph got mustachioz woooo! and then Meg got creative.


and what was SUPPOSED to be crazy-looking eyeballs turned out to be...

HAHAHAHA wtheck la right

you see la, this girl ah. went Spore-ing and never came back D: but worry not! her room clothes are very very entertaining :) oh btw Meg, i forgot to tell you, i found a weird roach-like (but it was grey?) insect in your x-ray scan envelope. lol i'm not joking laa.

hee hee iNinja! FLYKICK FLYKICK!

more pics on Fb. Megan Mak, I love your clothes you! take care of my spore cell :D

aah, i love Decembers. Eventhough i'm not officially holidaying just yet (what. i still have 6 and a half months more to go) it still feels like a jolly good season. there's so much to look forward to--mai waif karming back :D sleepovers, reunions, cmas, new years, CLUBBING HEHE DUS DUS! *dances*

don't kid yourself, lah. Me going clubbing is like trying to brush your teeth with a toilet bowl plz -.- anyways, off i go.

Audiofood, Sara Bareilles's Love Song

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