Thursday, December 11, 2008

What's awesome

you wanna know what's awesome?

how Christmas somehow beats all other holidays. What, am i wrong?

the songs are louder, the decos are better, the aura is jollier :D

I didn't take these. so pretty lah k. Wonderland! :)

and what's funny is... He's the start of all of this! you can deny it or you can embrace it, but what i say, i say in truth. He's non-fiction, unlike Santa. Besides, do you know how scary it is to have some fat old guy dropping down from chimneys in the middle of the night?

*foot steps*

Who-who's there??

*clop clop clop*

Who's there?!

*fat white-bearded man's shadow appears*

Who-who...who are you?!?!




It's..... Santa.

*horror music*

HEHEHEHE potonggggg. but that's not my point.

This cmas, i really wanna be thankful for hm.. Him, being with me. eventhough it may suck majorly every now and then and friends aren't/can't always be there, at the end of the day, i know i'll always have someone to look up to. To be there for me no matter what.

감사합니다! :)


LauRouYuan... i'll be waiting~ *eyebrow wiggles*

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