Sunday, January 18, 2009


:) yello.

Sorry i so neglected this, was busy being sick the past 4 days. It's like everyone's falling sick all over, dem drama. And i got my first taste of a bad neck, back ache combo on thursday. Wah syok, i felt old :D It was like, i got to switch lives with my aunty in Aust. (my aunt cause she used to fall a lot on her back. only God knows why lah) So yeah, didn't study at all weih--wasted! Seriously, the worst about being that sick is feeling useless. Couldn't do anything else, just slept the day away, only waking up for lunch and then in the evening.

and everyone left me at home alone :(

Anyways finally got better yesterday ladida thank God and here i am, feeling a little weak, very excited for combat! (need to get my sick arse to the gym), and also extremely reluctant on going for class tomorrow. What? i didn't do my work, pft -.-

I did watch our local dance competition, 'Battleground', last night though.

That ECX group was pretty good. hella lot better than the girls, Twisted Genies. wth with the names. It's like as if they were inspired by their IM screen names. Like last time, there were groups like 'Fire 327' or 'Burning Flame' or '3310 Lightning', something like that lah.

firstly, why the numbers???

secondly, why one of the 4 natural elements???

thirdly, GENIES????

Hello, welcome to Malaysia.

But i mean, it's great that Malaysian dancers are getting better....i think (i hope). The only thing i realized is that somehow, they're only strong at one thing. It's either breaking, pop & lock or, ugh, shuffling. Sad to say, they usually suck at just hiphop, then again that's my opinion. I tend to compare with Koreans/Americans though.

i'm getting bored of the dance classes in the gym, blah.

Oh yah, there's this annoying guy who thinks he's got heavenly looks and the clouds pooped him out onto the earth. The other day, i so happened to look his way and he thought i was staring at him and he gave me this like... ham sap smiley look.


OK, kinda done here. D: no mood la, gomenasai.

bye ex oh etcbla.

Audiofood: Matchbox20's How Far We've Come

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