Tuesday, January 20, 2009


tagga tagga.

Take a recent picture of yourself and post it up.
Then take a picture of yourself right now.
Don't change your clothes, just take a picture.
Post that picture up with no editing.
Post the picture with these instructions.

D: yesterday.

haiya late lunch la ):
pasta take so long time to cook. pasta burn plz.

- what's your ambition?
I wanted to be a dancer--not that i don't want to anymore. So, uh, something to do with journalism, i guess.

- what do you like most about your siblings?
They're loud, awesome and crazy :D you'd be too if you hung out with us.

- are you looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend?
No, i'm looking for my dam lost padlock -.-

- do you think you have enough confidence?

- how many babies do you want?
Twins, boy-girl.

- what would you name your kids in the future?
I've no idea.. i like Raine. (not cause of Rain, geez) or Yoanne. or Sophira II. muaha!

- what is your goal for this year?
Get credits for my O'Levels. Laugh harder, dance better, live....longer.

- do you think you're clever?
I hope so.

- what's a perfect boyfriend/girlfriend to you?
Haih, perfect not nice la, where's the fun in that ;)

- do you ever wonder where would you end up when you die?
I wanna be where He is.

- what are your bad habits?
Being lazy and a procrastinator. Thinking too much - it's bad, trust me. and sometimes, i shake my leg, like guys do y'know :/

- if you can do anything now, what would it be?
Bring home a mini yorkshire terrier!

- state a random fact about yourself.
I tend to hum when i eat. Always.

- what does flying mean to you?
Uh... to fly? o___o

- what do you crave for the most currently ?
to Dance.

- what is in your mind now?
8788, hehehehe.. and whether the insects got saved in Noah's Ark.

- do you believe in fate?
Ah, not all the time.

- if you could turn back time, what's the one thing you would change?
My decision to buy those Puma pants. So. not. comfortable.

so close your eyes, escape this town for a little while.

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