Thursday, January 22, 2009


Waah, damn a lot of pimples now, beh tahan. How long do i have to wait to get back my unblemished 13 year old face? it's like, whatever i do, i'll only get a few weeks of peace and then voila, the mini red devils are back.

puberty's a beetch :(

Boring life equals no creativity equals boring updates. Honest to deathh, i wish my life was more happening right now. It's so monotonous.
when there's class -
wake up, study, go class, come back at 3.45pm, study somemore, browse crap stuff on internet, read, dinner, watch telly, sleep.

when there's no class -
wake up, study, study, study, lunch, study, study, study, study, dinner, study, study, uh... study, read, sleep.

WTH pinch me won't you please. Cny coming also nothing really happening, then the parents probably going off to Sg? which means scandalous party time, wooh! my room. with my history book.


Oh yeah, this vid was featured on youtube and it sounded so cute so i watched it. But then..

the heck? o.O

but can laugh it off with a good Whose Line Is It Anyway :D

i'll think of a better update next time, lah.
And i don't have class till wednesday hehehehee... j'aime :)

you looked better than great today.

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