Sunday, January 25, 2009


grandma | me
wah Fun, why you got so many red dot dot wan?
): because lor, the pimples' fault.
you know ah, people got a lot of pimples are very strong wan hor.
ya really, you very strong wan.

:D this is where i go all,

Anywhos, jolly cny eve ya'll. Hope you guys have it better than me cause since my hometown is.... here, i'm not really gonna be anywhere else other than.... here. Good cause i don't have to travel but kinda boring, guh.

just waiting for when my parents decide to leave for Sg, then we'll see what happens. *eyebrow wiggles* probably nothing haiyer but wtheckk let me syok sendiri a bit laa.

Zoe's party FOOD was pretty awesome FOOD yo. ehehehehe love aunty Elaine's spaghetti, nom nom nom. Don't have a lot of pictures with me unfortunately, cause my slr's still down :( stupid thing only runs on Sanyo rechargable batts so have to search all over dammit.

everything was purpur all overr.

purpur peeper.

Hope you enjoyed picking on me YOURSELF, birthday girl. ;)

Taylor Swift's White Horse
Tae Yang's Only Look At Me

(dum dee doo)

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