Thursday, January 29, 2009

#120 k-fu you!


IP Man skillz dem chio!!!! *nosebleed*

fake IP Man

real IP Man

and Djokovic. ehehehehehehe.. -.-

btw, the old dude is IP Man (like, yipman) the other one is Bruce Lee la.

super motivating! Donnie Yen super rocks, like hard. he look so 'si man' but still like wanna whoop your ass you knoh?? i didn't know it was a true story somemore. ftw man. so super high to the sky till i have to blog it like immediately. must watch okeh?!?! when you have, we kung fuuu...!!

WACHAAAAA! *multiple flykicks x1000*

...i want to be his tou tai! quick, revive him!

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