Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dude, where's my money?

:D annyong. Since the match is about to start and i've got some time to kill, i thought heck, let's blog! So here i am, feeling kinda guilty cause didn't study for the past few days and been eating a lot, also dem high cause i opened up all my ang paos from yesterday and i woke up this morning with my eyes extra the bengkak wtheckkk. ):

On the first day of cny, my true loves gave to meeee... MONEH!

"So what's with the title?" you ask.

Well, you know usually right, the 'biggest' ang pao of all is given by your parents. Every year, it's always the same routine: open from the aunty-uncles' ones to the closer aunty-uncles' ones to the parents' one. No meh? :D

So this year, i decided to share with you all what glorious amount of money the parents hath bestowed upon me. *haallelujah* Btw, i really took my cam and snapped the pics as i was opening it.


so pretty hor? closer look!


money money lai lai~



whut the?








*storms off*


lolol so potong stim right, i really don't know where my parents get their creativity from. Sorry for the blur crap-colored pics, i was laughing damn kao k cause i remembered my dad did something like this last year... and i fell for it again -.-

I pity my kids next time xD

and no worries, lah. I demanded for my real ang pao (my sis kena also) and i got it, yessu!

:D banzai!

Oh but before i go, i wanna show you my cousin's adorable...


Dam yeng right?! too bad it doesn't have blue eyes, but wah, so very nice weh. If i had a husky, i would totally take it around and intimidate people like so syok.

k bye la, hee.

..!@#!#*!%&!!! Djokovic is wearing white and green <3

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