Tuesday, February 3, 2009


:D so like, i created another wallpaper, YEE-AH?

and i have decided to show it to you lovely peoples. Just so you know, i got the design from someone else because i'm a little low on creativity and inspiration right now. Credits goes to her of course cause all i did was edit everything else. I got too much history and literature stuff to do to create something from scratch la ok. :(

oh oh, guess who's the wallpaper of this time?

HEHEHEHEHE... whatevs man i do not have that much free time, really.

Voila! this is the image in the middle. Fuh, dem sexy, i know!

So yeah, that's basically it. Other than that, things are pretty dull... again. But i'm still in the cny mood (aka HOLIDAY) so sucks for me. Haven't fully entered into the studying mood yet.

dies. And i see that my borders are gone halfway again wth. -.-

audiofood: Stiff Dylans's Ultraviolet

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